On the first day of practice, new members should report to their team based on age. Swimmers will be evaluated during the first days of practice. The head coach will then notify each swimmer of any practice time changes. By swimming with an ability-based level team, swimmers will get the most out of their season. Have a scheduling conflict due to summer school? Our coaches are often able accommodate the needs of both swimming with the Waves and attending summer school. Contact a coach or parent board member for more information.

Blue Team

Ages 8 & under: practice from 8:45am-9:30am (subject to change 15-30 minutes)
The primary objective of the Blue Team is to teach competitive stroke mechanics, starts, turns and dives. Swimmers able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with fundamentally correct breathing mechanics or 25 yards of non-stop backstroke are eligible for the group. After the first week of practices, if the coaches feel you are at an ability level to handle a Red or Black Team practice, you will be notified.

Red Team

Ages 9-12: practice from 7:30am-8:45am (subject to change 15-30 minutes)
Red Team swimmers will receive more intensive instruction in stroke mechanics and will experience more swim events. After the first week of practices, if the coaches feel you are at an ability level to handle a Black Team practice, you will be notified.

Black Team

Ages 13 & up: practice from 6:30am-8:00am
This group will develop the training base and sense of commitment necessary for maximizing their abilities. These swimmers must demonstrate a complete range of competitive skills and a willingness to perform more physically demanding training regimens.

Antioch Waves Swim Team Code of Conduct

  • Swimmers must be respectful of all coaches, adults, officials, and other swimmers.
  • When you win, win graciously; when you lose, lose gracefully. Always encourage your teammates to do their best and give them your full support.
  • No foul language.
  • No hitting, kicking, punching, spitting, towel snapping, etc.
  • No lying, cheating, or stealing.
  • No running on deck.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited at all times during AWST functions.
  • All swimmers are bound by the code of conduct at all times, whether their parents are present or not.
  • The Head Coach, Coach in charge, or chaperone has the authority to administer disciplinary action as he/she feels necessary at the time.
  • Violations of the rules may result in a swimmer being sent home from a meet, being barred from participation in future meets, and/or in parents being held responsible for the actions of the their child.
  • Parents are required to enforce the code of conduct, or they and their child may be asked to leave the meet.