The Antioch Waves Swim Team depends on parent volunteers to run home meets. No parent is expected to be an expert, but all parents are expected to help during each home meet. When you help AWST, you are helping kids learn, grow, and have fun.

Volunteers can select their preferred job and time frame from the following roles on a first come, first serve basis. Simply print your swimmer's last name in one of the 46 job positions available on each Meet Sign Up Form (one for each home meet). Meet Sign Up Forms are posted poolside with the Swimmer Sign Up Forms. Please sign up early to ensure best selection of jobs and shifts. Any family that does not sign up for a meet in which they have a child swimming, will have a job assigned. Assignments will be made 48 hours prior to each home meet.

Each family will receive a reminder notice via email detailing their job assignment, date of the meet, and time frame. This will be your only reminder, so it is extremely important to check your email. A master job list will be posted on the swim team bulletin board at each home meet.

If a volunteer cannot help at their selected job, they are required to find a replacement. If a volunteer needs to switch a selected job, the volunteer is expected to check the master list and work it out with another parent, or find a replacement prior to the meet. The coaches and parent board will not be responsible for making adjustments for parents. Volunteers who fail to find a replacement or are a "no show" will have to pay a $50 fine before the volunteer's children will be allowed to swim again. We would much rather see parents help their child's team than collect a fine.

All families are required to fulfill the volunteer commitment. Parent board members and meet officials are exempt because of their yearly time commitment.

Meet Officials

We always need meet officials. Each meet requires 3 to 6 trained officials. If you are interested in becoming an official, please speak with a board member. We will sponsor the class for you. If you are a certified judge or starter, please let a board member know ASAP!


Spectators and swimmers want to know when an event is called to the bullpen, when an event is called to the blocks, what event is in the pool, emergency announcements, etc. One announcer is needed for each meet.


This is one of the easiest and most exciting jobs. It is also the job that requires the most volunteers — 24 per meet! WE ALWAYS NEED MORE TIMERS. Twelve timers work the first half of a meet (two per lane) and twelve work the second shift. If you can press a button on a stopwatch, you can be a timer.


The runner delivers DQ (disqualification) slips from meet officials to the scoring table. Although you do not need to run during this job, we ask you to be attentive and deliver DQ slips as soon as they are written.

Bullpen Managers

The Bullpen is a staging area where swimmers gather a few minutes before their event. It keeps the meet moving along quickly and avoids waiting or forfeiting caused by missing swimmers. Two volunteers per shift are responsible for placing swimmers in lane order prior to the event being called to the blocks.

Concessions Team

In addition to providing snacks and dinner to home and visitor team, the concessions area is a great Team fundraising program. Eight volunteers are needed (two counter workers per shift, and two grillers per shift to grill hot dogs and hamburgers). These volunteers are allowed to leave temporarily when their children are swimming. Our concession stand is a good place to work and carry on conversations at the same time. It's also a great way to meet people!

Raffle Cashier

Raffles are conducted during all home meets as a fundraiser. This person will collect cash and distribute raffle tickets to paying customers. The Raffle Cashier is based at the concession stand but should also walk around during the meet to socialize and invite people to participate in the Raffle.