Equipment You Need

Team Swimsuit

All swimmers are required to have a team suit. The team suit is to be worn to all meets. Practice suits (including previous year team suits) should be worn for practices. Swimmers should rinse out their suit after every practice or meet. This will increase the life of the suit. You can order Antioch Waves swimsuits on Registration Day.


Most swimmers prefer to wear goggles, especially if their eyes are sensitive to chlorine. It's a good idea to have a spare on hand in case one pair fails.

Swim Cap

All swimmers are required to wear a team swim cap for meets. A team cap is provided as part of the registration fee. Swim caps are encouraged for practice, as long hair can pose problems for a swimmer's stroke. Caps also protect hair from chlorine. Rinse the cap and dry well after every time in the pool. You may want to have a second one on hand.


Bring more than one towel. That way, you will have one for drying and another to sit on or wrap up in.

Warm Clothing

Even on super hot summer days, it gets cold in the evening. Parents and swimmers should bring a sweatshirt, team t-shirt, and pants or some type of warm up suit.


Bring a lock so you can secure your belongings in a locker. Swimmers are responsible for their belongings; Antioch Waves Swim Team is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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