How A Meet Works

Note: you may wish to read the FAQ and volunteer info first to learn some of the terminology mentioned on this page.

Prior to the Meet

All swimmers must arrive on time and check in. For home meets, parents also sign in at the job assignment table.

Swimmers should know what events they will be swimming, what numbers these events are (many swimmers write the numbers in ink on their hand), and the lane they will swim in. This information will be posted at the meet. It is important for the swimmer or parent to keep track of what event is in progress to avoid missing their event. If there is a bullpen at the meet, listen for your event number to be called and go to the bullpen promptly. A bullpen manager will let you know when to go to the block area for your event.

Warm-ups take place before the meet begins. At home meets, the warm-up time for Antioch is 4 pm, so swimmers need to be at the pool by 4 pm. Upon arrival, find a place to put your swimmer's blanket, swim bag, etc. The team usually sits together at meets. After warming up, swimmers should go to the bathroom if necessary, get a drink, or simply settle in.

Learn the definition of a meet, heat, event, and exhibition. New members are often surprised when they compete in their first meet but do not understand "exhibition swimming" and other terminology. You can find this and much more in our FAQ.

Things to Bring With

There will be times when a swimmer waits quite a while between events. In order to pass the time and/or keep busy, it is a good idea to bring something to read, small travel games, coloring books, cards, or anything to help pass the time (this is true for parents too!). Remember to be smart about safely storing your stuff — AWST is not responsible for any losses.

Swimmers may also want to bring along snacks and drinks such as fruit, sandwiches, water, and non-carbonated drinks. It is especially important for swimmers to stay hydrated. Drinking soda pop is discouraged. Most pools (ours included) have snack bars or concession stands if you would rather purchase items at the meet.

Swimmers (and parents!) should always bring warm clothes such as a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. Many times it gets very cold in the evenings, no matter how warm it is during the day. We also suggest bringing a sleeping bag or blanket to wrap in or to sit on. The swimmers will spend a lot of time on it. Parents should bring their own chairs to meets. The Antioch pool has a limited number of chairs available during home meets.

Bring drinking water.

For an all-day event, it is important to keep your swimmer out of the sun. Consider bringing a tent or EZ-Up for all-day events.