Parent Responsibilities


The Antioch Waves Swim Team is run entirely by parents who volunteer to help make the season successful. From timers to grillers at the concession stand, your help is needed to insure that our program will be something to be proud of and will provide a positive experience for our children. In fact, we need over 50 volunteers for every home meet! Parents can choose from many jobs. All parents are expected to help in some way.

First shift volunteers need to check in by 4:45pm. Second shift jobs need to check in by 6:30pm. We make it possible for you to watch your child swim, regardless of your job. When everyone works the job they are assigned, our meets run quickly and smoothly. When parents assume "there are enough people there" and "no one will miss me", meets take longer (even when only one person fails show up for their assigned position).

Your Attitude Sets an Example

Please keep a positive attitude and support our coaching staff and officials. Don't hesitate to ask questions. If you are unsure or have any questions about the program, or you are experiencing any problems with our program, please speak to a board member.

Family Folders

Make sure your family folder is checked daily. The folder is the parent board's and coach's one method of communicating with our families. In it you will find ribbons and other important information. Parents — not swimmers — are responsible for checking family folders. This can be done while waiting for your swimmer(s) to finish practice instead of sitting in your vehicle.


We understand that many swimmers will miss a portion of the season as a result of vacation, camp, clinics, etc. In order to prepare accurate swim meet rosters and avoid forfeiting relays, it is vital for us to have up-to-date information regarding all swimmer's schedules. Please use the Swimmer Meet Sign up Form (available daily, poolside) to indicate your swimmer's availability at least one week prior to a meet. If a swimmer commits to a meet but cannot attend, they must inform a coach of the change (preferably 24 hours prior to the meet but no later than Noon on the day of a meet).


Transportation to and from all practices and meets is the responsibility of the swimmer and parents. A roster of swimmers with phone numbers and addresses will be provided during the first week of practices. Coaches are not responsible for making transportation arrangements for any swimmer.

Please make sure you are prompt in picking up your swimmer when their practice time is over. Swimmers who hang around once their practice is over can become a distraction to swimmers in the pool. If you know you need to have a swimmer at the pool during the next practice session (a sibling is practicing), please make sure they have a book or something to occupy their time. Swimmers who are not expected at a scheduled practice time are not allowed on the pool deck, nor interfere with the practice in session, nor disrupt coaches.

Other Notes

  • Help your swimmer keep track of their times so they can strive to meet their goals. Cheer on your swimmer... and other swimmers, too!
  • Support your swimmer by helping them follow team rules and meet his/her responsibilities.
  • Talk to coaches before or after — not during — practice so they can focus on our children during the short time each morning they are in the pool.
  • If you have a concern or a problem arises at a practice or a meet, please alert a parent board member right away so that we can help.