Swimmer Responsibilities


  • If a swimmer commits to a meet but cannot attend, they must inform a coach of the change (preferably 24 hours prior to the meet but no later than Noon on the day of a meet). Swimmers missing their scheduled event at a dual meet may not be allowed to swim the following meet.
  • Swimmers should remain in their assigned team location during meets. Be in listening range and be ready for your events.
  • If you have to leave, you must notify a coach.
  • Unless you have prior approval from a coach, don't leave the pool until the end of a meet. You might be needed to fill in for someone else!
  • Swimmers must check in with their coach at the start of each practice session for attendance records.
  • Swimmers should be dressed and on the pool deck ready to swim at least ten minutes prior to their practice start time.
  • Swimmers should be on time to all meets according to the coach's instructions.
  • Swimmers must participate in a minimum of 2 out of 5 conference meets in order to qualify for the Conference Championship Meet.
  • Please try to use the restrooms before and after practice (not during practice).
  • It is important to be on the block or in the bullpen and ready to swim your assigned events.


Good sportsmanship is expected of every swimmer and parent, including:

  • Show respect for officials, judges, coaches, timers, and other swimmers.
  • Be courteous to guests at home meets. Be a polite guest at away meets.
  • Congratulate opponents and teammates for good efforts.
  • Demonstrate proper conduct in locker rooms and pool areas.
  • Avoid swearing, fighting, and horseplay.
  • Do not challenge an official's decision on deck. Protests or disagreements should be brought to a coach's attention so that he can determine what action should be taken.


  • Know your best times and strive to beat them every race.
  • See the coaches after your event for feedback.
  • Always try to do your best.
  • Challenge yourself and your teammates to improve and work harder.
    Keep a positive attitude.
  • Listen to the coaches and cooperate. They are there to help you.
    Help teammates and encourage everyone, especially the younger swimmers and our new team members. At swim meets, cheer on your teammates. It's a great feeling to know your team is behind you!


It is best for swimmers to eat about three hours before swimming so that energy can go toward racing and not to digestion. Swimmers can snack between events on something light (fruit, crackers, string cheese), but should refrain from eating large quantities of food (i.e., pizza, burgers, nachos, pasta, etc.) until they are finished swimming. Most pools have food available for purchase, or you may want to bring food and purchase a beverage. Eating before an event can cause cramping and slow down times, so eat after your events are completed.